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Yugenpedia provides companies with the opportunity to document their progress and growth through the development of articles that are verifiable.[1] Through this process, Yugenpedia serves as a system of accountability for management teams during their company's period of early growth, and may provide helpful exposure of the company to investors attracted by the quantity and quality of objective information on the site.

Ultimately, Yugenpedia serves as an ace up the sleeve of private companies seeking investment. Serving as a historically accurate record of a company's progress and development, it can provide confidence in a company's track record that cannot be communicated through a pitch deck alone.

Commitment Levels

Publishing on yugenpedia.org is free of charge to all companies that successfully meet and continue to meet the expectations set in this document. With that said, we offer services that provide even greater accountability, mentorship, and exposure for interested companies.

Yugenpedia Public

This level is available as a public service for the benefit of the startup community, and is free of charge. All entries in yugenpedia.org are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License similar to that at Wikipedia.

All companies approved for publication on Yugenpedia must meet our standards for template, objectivity, and point of view set in the Editorial Guidelines. In addition, they must actively maintain their entry by updating on at least a monthly basis, and participate in the Yugenpedia community by contributing to an assigned ecosystem page along with other companies in the same industry. If companies fail to meet these expectations, their pages may be marked in a fashion that notes their lack of adherence.

Companies participating in this level are also able to submit an initial set of Goals/Results, as well as an Intro Video to a Vault entry created and maintained by the Yugenpedia staff. However, further upkeep of this Vault entry requires participation in one of the two following tiers.

Yugenpedia Vault

Companies in this track must meet all Yugenpedia Public expectations in order to have a Yugenpedia Vault entry created for their company at vault.yugenpedia.org. This vault entry is maintained by the Yugenpedia staff and this process of maintenance involves detailed communication with the company's team. The Yugenpedia Vault has information regarding financials, goals/results and a frequently-updated SWOT analysis. Information for this entry is certified individually on a monthly basis.

Note that information in each company's vault is private, and can only be accessed by qualified investors with the company's permission. The company will receive 70% of the revenue from investors paying for access to their vault entry.

There is a $100 administrative fee to participate in this level per year.

Yugenpedia Investor Review

Companies that meet Yugenpedia's quality and community expectations can apply to Yugenpedia's Investor Review program. Companies provide an advisor from the investment community with sufficient experience to judge the quality of a range of early stage companies. This is often a member of the company's board of directors or advisory board.

Upon approval of both the company and the advisor, company representatives will participate in quarterly reviews, which provide accountability for the team as well as valuable advice. With a panel of three qualified advisors chosen from Yugenpedia's pool of experienced investors and entrepreneurs, these meetings serve to evaluate progress made in the last quarter, as well as to set effective and targeted goals for the next. In this way, the review program serves as an incubator for companies over a long period of time.

Materials from each review, including a video recording and transcript of the review, are stored in the company's vault entry.

There is a $500 administrative fee to participate in this level per year.