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Welcome to Yugenpedia


Yugenpedia is a publicly viewable (but invitation-only editable) wiki that focuses on the yugen ("deep understanding") of early stage technology companies. The intent is to create a more objective and candid view of companies that are far too early stage to typically merit a Wikipedia entry, but for which the startup community, including investors, would benefit from a realistic assessment. In pursuit of that goal, the entries can be edited both by the companies themselves but also others knowledgeable about the ecosystem, including potential investors and competitors. Potential investors may benefit in particular from each company article's candid discussion of:

  • A SWOT analysis
  • The competitive landscape and its major players.
  • A regularly updated Goals/Results section. This is a publicly viewable record of a sequence of time-specific goals the company sets and a reporting out of their performance against the goals. It is perhaps the most closely-viewed section for serious investors, both private and institutional.

There are currently 31 companies listed. If you believe a company (including your own) should be added to Yugenpedia, or otherwise wish to contribute, please contact [email protected]. State your reasons for why you believe you can constructively contribute to the yugenpedia community.


New Companies Recently Updated
Cognaisent AREX Technologies
L4S Corporation Melanin Ventures OÜ
Agryo Infidia
Prodigi MetaDigital


Consult Editorial Guidelines for content guidelines as well as information on how to use the wiki software.