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EarthId was established in early 2018 with a purpose to address the challenges with Digital Identities and associated processes.

Our vision to provide a safe and secure digital identity to all human beings, thereby driving social and financial inclusion.

Our Mission

- Building a more inclusive society, by providing a secure digital identity to all human beings, irrespective of their economic, political and social status

- Simplifying the process of validating human identity and reducing identity thefts and frauds, thereby minimizing the cost of identity management


EarthId is a deep-tech based, GDPR compliant, decentralized identity management platform, that allows secure and seamless onboarding, verification and authentication of users. EarthId helps businesses avoid identity frauds, reduce onboarding friction and save costs using pre-verified, tamper-proof, unified identity information

EarthId offers the following services -

  • Decentralized Identity - Empower users with a digital identity which is safe and secure
  • Identity Verification / Digital KYC - Reduce the time, cost and fraud using tamper-proof, pre-verified information
  • Selective Data Disclosure - Verify the Age, Gender and other key identity information without divulging anything more
  • Trust Score - Know your customers better and innovate your business models with the help of their identity score
  • NextGen Logins - Authenticate online users with password-less technology using pre-verified identity and dynamic QR codes
  • Contactless and Keyless Entry - Manage access to restricted areas using EarthId App and Facial Recognition; highly crucial in current pandemic situation

Please refer our whitepaper here


Competitive Landscape

We have 3 types of competitors:

  • Centralized identity management solutions, prone to data breaches
  • Decentralized solutions using older DLT/Blockchain platforms, which have scalability issues and not suitable for enterprise/mass adoption
  • Feature-level competitors, like KYC providers, password managers etc.

Our main competitors include Onfido, Jumio, Civic, Evernym and Microsoft ION.

We think of our competitors as:

  • Competition today, challenging us to drive innovation and perfection
  • Partners tomorrow, helping us onboard every human being on Earth
  • SWOT

    Strengths Weaknesses
    • Industry experience and thought leadership of the team
    • Cost effective business model for customers and revenue sharing for users
    • Trust Score, proprietary identity scoring mechanism, can be used as an alternative credit scoring mechanism or for innovating business models
    • Third-generation and enterprise-grade distributed ledger platform, Hedera Hashgraph
    • Compliant with data protection guidelines, including GDPR and PDPB
    • EarthId helps secure both digital as well as physical access/assets
    • EarthId platform works across more than 100 countries, providing strategic advantage to our customers and partners
    • Enterprise adoption
    • Access to funds
    Opportunities Threats
    • Government Blockchain Association has adopted EarthId, which opens doors to public sector
    • Strong pipeline in fintech space
    • Potential partnerships with SI and other ecosystem players
    • Microsoft is launching its SSI platform, ION


    Goal Set Goal Target Date Result
    September 01, 2020 Updated version of the platform with improved user experience September 30, 2020 Pending
    September 01, 2020 Seed funding round completion October 31, 2020 Pending

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