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Who we are

Caelum labs is a company founded in Barcelona in 2017. Caelum started as a Blockchain development Firm focusing on building Pilots for Corporate Innovation teams. It was founded by Alex Puig (CTO) who already had few years of experience in decentralized technologies and Sandra Cavero (CEO). Both also founded Digital Currency Summit in 2014.

Nowadays, Caelum is a Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity development consultancy firm focused on privacy by design solutions. Caelum's mission is to help companies solving problems and challenges that the industry poses through the development of this technology.

Mission and Vision

In recent years we have seen how the trend in technology was to migrate from centralized systems, which scaled expanding hardware capacity to more flexible and efficient decentralized systems. Why? As there are no large databases with a lot of data, they are less susceptible to attack. Also decentralized end-to-end encrypted communications are more difficult to intercept and limit the damage caused by possible attacks.

  • Our Mission is to develop more efficient and secure ways of collaboration between entities (people, organizations and things)
  • Our Vision is to build a decentralized and secure identity driven internet


Our digital world wants to replace our real world but its impossible, there is a lack of trust in the system that is difficult to overcome. Internet was designed just to send packets of information between peers. And it grew to become a social replacement for non-digital life.

Nowadays, our digital interactions are based on hundreds of digital identities (Google, FB, Instagram...), but we control none of them. Internet is broken because we focused on improving the underlying technology instead of analyzing the social impact of it.

To fix internet, we need to design a new human-centric, identity based WWW. With privacy by design. Focusing on Cybersecurity.

Lorena: Digital interactions reinvented

What is Lorena?

Lorena is a secure and interoperable peer-to-peer digital identity middleware with integrated processes automation. Individuals, organizations, and devices (including IoT), can use the Lorena protocol to create decentralized identities and enable communication and interaction between them. These identities are created according to W3C standards, allowing secure and private communication between parties. An important part of our technology is the IDSpace (Identity Container), a secure data store where an organization maintains all of the information related to the identity: credentials, certificates, personal data, and files. The system allows the definition of roles which govern the access to data and the permissions given to individuals and organizations.

Lorena is a modular self-sovereign identity middleware focused on bringing all the benefits of SSI and blockchain tech for business and individuals in an easy way.

We are focused on four edges:

  • Secure P2P Communication: bringing end to end security in company workflows, or in user- company workflows. Adding security in any company process.
  • Integrity and trust: modular verifiable credential system that can be anchored in any blockchain, creating interoperability between them.
  • Privacy: we care about privacy so we use the latest encryption technology, we fully comply with EU standards, and we even have private and zero knowledge proof credentials for companies and users.
  • Storage: we create a secure vault called IDSpace that is the Identity Storage of all the company information.

Lorena's technology helps companies to improve their systems of identification, authentication, certification, secure communication and above all processes between the same organizations and participants. The javascript SDK is designed for any developer without any knowledge of SSI to build services that require this type of technology. On one hand, we work on the deployment of the building blocks that are necessary (IDhubs), and on the other, we manage server capacity necessary for the IDSpaces (Credential Storage). Our backend is prepared to manage credentials and data protection consent agreements, sending encrypted peer to peer communications (Authorities-Citizens), and service automation and credential processing.

Our decentralized technology based on W3C standards, on peer-to-peer and advanced cryptography models that provides the level of privacy by design necessary today. Remembering the original goal we set out to solve, we use a Substrate network with an SSI runtime module we built thanks to a 2019 grant from the Web3 Foundation. Over the years, we have worked with large companies and professionals to shape the solution that is needed in the market. We have also worked with developers of decentralized technologies, contributed to their projects, so we are part of the ecosystem that is working on a new internet.

Open source is part of our DNA, which is why our code and documentation are Open Source. We believe that this model results in better products and services. Our commitment has always been to provide the citizens with tools to control their data. Privacy, control, access and communication are the pillars of our technology. For us, privacy does not mean anonymity. Privacy is a power and a fundamental right. It is also dynamic, contextual and complex, but we work every day to ensure that everyone has technological access to these types of solutions. Ethics, privacy and trust are increasingly important concepts: our modern economy is driven by information. Sharing our information is how we participate in modern social and economic structures. This is new, but every year we see that the relationship between trust and data exchange is essential and that citizens are more concerned about their privacy.


Lorena is the result of years of events all around the world, and many pilots. All of theses pilots had something in common, they where based on the same common tech stack to allow the collaboration in cross- companies workflows based on SSI while preserving people's privacy and securing communications.

Tech +regulation + ethical

Alastria founders, Inatba WG

Our objective is that our clients can build trusting relationships based on the ethical treatment of data, respecting privacy in a safe way that respects the law.