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B-Datagray is a blockchain startup with a strong focus on decentralized network computing power incorporated in London, United Kingdom. The B-Datagray team is decentralized and has a primary focus on developing a comprehensive open-source infrastructure for decentralized cloud computing on demand.


B-Datagray formed in 2020 when Angela and Luca, already partners in life, decided to start the entrepreneur journey and make a reality Datagen Project. The team plans to have an IEO/IDO before the end of 2021, to make their Datagen project known to the world.


Close the efficiency gap between centralized end decentralized providers of different applications requiring cloud computing starting from a new decentralized infrastructure for privacy-friendly search engine optimization.


Datagen is a new efficient and interconnected blockchain ecosystem that aims to solve scale problems aggregating different services and products. The main elements of this ecosystem are:

  • a fee-free crypto/fiat exchange that is completely free for users.
  • a blockchain-powered privacy-friendly web search engine which is a decentralized privacy-friendly search engine with miners that provide computing power on demand to make the researches. it can collect and analyze the blockchain-organized web researches and thanks to a special certificate it can receive the precise pattern of researches of every single device disconnected from the IP and so to the real person. In this way, it's possible to increase profitability and lower the costs for the blockchain-powered privacy-friendly search engines increasing the safety of users' data thanks to transparent blockchain technology.
  • A decentralized blockchain-powered open infrastructure where demand and supply of computing power can meet. Thought as a marketplace of computing power, can have different uses with different computational problems to be solved on demand. A new efficient way to require cloud computing.

Inside the ecosystem, there are 2 native cryptocurrencies to be used as the payment methods for the services of the ecosystem itself.


Founding Team

Technical Team



  • August 2021: Released and Deployment of our ERC-20 DataGen token
  • September 2021: Private-sales
  • December 2021: IDO/IEO

Competitive Landscape

Many projects have been actively exploring the uses of blockchain and decentralization but none of them used Datagen integrated approach.

Exchange Decentralized Search Engine Infrastructure for decentralized cloud computing
Robinhood DuckDuckGo Golem
Kraken Brave SONM
Binance Qwant Holochain
Coinbase Pro Google Amazon services


Strengths Weaknesses
  • project has a very solid long term vision
  • compartmentalization in the launch and management of different products reduces risk for investors
  • opportunity to start from scratch to find the best technical solutions
  • Datagen project is aiming at very huge markets with a revolutionary approach
  • aiming to build a multi-product multi-market ecosystem requires lot of operational focus
  • high capital demand
  • explore new deep tech solutions requires lot of R&D and patience; this isn't always tolerated by actual doctrine "move fast"
Opportunities Threats
  • reference markets booming in a long term horizon; with several hundred billion dollar market-caps figures
  • consumer's increasing interest in privacy-friendly products
  • Web 3.0 Revolution
  • increasing number of applications requiring high demands of computing power requires differentiation of the supply
  • eventual widespread bans on crypto-based products
  • oligopolistic (centralized) players may create too strong barriers for search engine and computing power markets of alternative segments to emerge


Goal Set Goal Target Date Result
April 1, 2021 Released of the website. Start of the subscription campaign to the newsletter and a products waiting list May 1, 2021 1650 subscribers June 1, 2021 Technical Team built Jul 1, 2021 ... September 30, 2021 Pending
October 1, 2021 -- December 31, 2021 Pending

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